This page contains resources and media that present perspectives and explorations of matters pertaining to practice, work and future-oriented  trends.

Professor Joy Higgs
Charles Sturt University
Beyond Employment; What is the essence and scope of employability
Professor Debbie Horsfall
Western Sydney University
What is the role of universities in balancing the 'good for the individual' with 'good society'?
Associate Professor Will Letts
Charles Sturt University
What should employability mean when we place our graduates on
the global career stage?
Professor Beverley Oliver
Deakin University
How well do our graduates demonstrate the attributes
needed by society and industry?
Dr Steven Cork
Australian National University
Understanding socio-ecological dimensions of futures as a complex space for industry and work
Professor Nita Cherry
Swinburne University of Technology
What is the place of leadership and agency in employability?
Professor Peter Goodyear
The University of Sydney
Understanding the nature and impact of wicked problems and unpredictable futures on employability
A/Professor Angela Carbone
Monash University
What attributes are needed by our university graduates in contributing to Australian society?
Professor Geoffrey Crisp
University of New South Wales
What do employers expect of science graduates in relation to employability?
Professor Franziska Trede
Charles Sturt University
Employability as a partnership pursuit between tertiary education, industries and employees
Professor Joy Higgs
Charles Sturt University
Balancing stakeholders employability expectations - external regulatory agencies, higher education standards, industry partners