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Here we present views of our team and colleagues about practice trends and issues.


Joy Higgs

Good Practice Reflections


What is good practice?

This concept and reality
is not absolute truth


It is relative, dependent and situation

It requires judgement
and interpretation.


It is something that is grounded
in appreciation
and valuing.


We recognise good practice
in the quality of practice delivery,
the experience of clients and practitioners
and in the outcomes of practice.


We can attribute the label
‘good practice’
when an episode of practice
is ranked against norms and expectations,
research findings and practice standards.


Good practice
is a matter of perception
by the client who is receiving or participating
in the practice episode
and reflects their satisfaction
with the experience and/or outcomes.


© Joy Higgs, 2016

Helen Butlin

From the heart of healthcare



how to source values of care

from invisible currencies?


we hold onto our selves, yes

we hold onto each other, yes

but that which we seek


long for


evades our sorry grasp


the seeking

the grasping

all emptying

pouring us into hollow spaces

between the cracks

of smiles


and handshakes

where other things

like values

like care




how to value the empty?

the hollow?

the fallen mind?


how to value wisdom

when it will not

form itself

into something



how to trust the

wise way

when it insists

on being

no way

in the way


leaving us


on the side

of the straight road

where masses

march towards

a destination

no-one has actually seen

(only heard tell)


and no-one can remember

its exact location

(if it ever had one)

and what is even there

is long forgotten


but...the march continues


towards awards, rewards

filled pockets

endlessly emptying


while quietly


the wise ones

hold out their

begging bowl


begging for lost coins...


(is it real?)


(who dares?)

a tiny coin of care

(have you seen one?)


the wise ones

are silent


(do we hear?)



© Helen Butlin, 2017

Western University, Ontario