The goals of the forum are to:

  • pursue understandings and interpretations of what it means to engage in practice and work

  • explore the possible, probable and preferable futures of practice, work and people’s participation in these futures

  • consider the impact of contextual factors – economic, environmental, political, sociocultural, communication, spiritual, technological, epistemological – on practice futures

  • reflect on ways of enhancing people’s contributions to shaping and participating in future work and practice and the costs and benefits – emotional, material, societal developmental – of this participation

  • consider the implications of emerging, potential and unpredictable practice futures for the ways we might prepare for them, adapt to them through self and system development, and create expectations and strategies for future practice leaders and participants

  • constructively reflect on the people and systems failures in relation to practice futures

  • facilitate sharing of perspectives and debates in these knowledge and action spaces

  • promote studies around these topics and endeavours.


Change is a certainty and the pace of change in the 21st century is omnipresent with no part of our lives unaffected: changes in technology, work, political systems,  how goods and services are provided, how we are cared for and care for others, how our children grow, the nature of our relationships and how we communicate with each other, what we eat and how that food is produced, changes in the natural world, our notions of social justice and fairness, how we warm and heat our houses, public buildings and shared spaces, even changes to the very air that we breathe. 


There are many reactions to this fast pace of change: excitement, curiosity, greed and exploitation, hope, anxiety, alienation, blame, avoidance, bewilderment, a sense of possibility that yes the world could be a better place for future generations. We hope so.


What is certain is that it will be a vastly different place that our children and grandchildren inhabit and it will be vastly different in terms of what, where and how we work.


While the rate of change may possibly be overwhelming we do not want to be passive or immobilised bystanders, uncritical followers or colluders in changes which are not for the greater good.

This forum is one way we are setting out to publically explore, dream, imagine and understand so that open a space for conversations and collaborations so that we might influence how and what our practice worlds are becoming.




This forum is moderated  by a team who bring their visions, passions, fears, scholarship and projects to the forum, together with many years of experience listening and responding to diverse ideas across disciplines and sectors of society. 


We initiated this forum because we want to be able to contribute to ongoing productive conversations about the big issues influencing employment and the application of knowledge in people’s careers.


Our efforts are voluntary, unpaid and outside our “day jobs”. Funding for projects will be sought on a case by case basis from sources that support the forum’s objectives and values.






We invite you to join this digital space to read and reflect on the content of the website and to draw such knowledge and learnings to your own practices, workplaces, and work relationships. 


And, we invite you to join the debate in this space of critical challenge and transformation.